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How to better manage your work diet?

At MATE, we provide our members with a selection of dried fruits, and encourage them to consume them rather than any other biscuit or processed food.


The secret is to eat the right foods at the right time. For example, eating a sweet breakfast in the morning will increase blood sugar levels, and give us a spike in energy that will fall back immediately and make the hunger sensation, the famous "petit creux" of 10:00 reappear. The goal here is to slowly increase blood sugar levels, allowing it to stabilize and give us more sustainable energy. It also boosts concentration and ensures stable motivation.

This is the role of dried fruits

In fact, the sugars they contain have a moderate glycemic index; the lower the glycemic index, the faster the diffusion of glucose in the body, so it is progressive, distributed over time.

In addition, coffee has the disadvantage of increasing the elimination of magnesium, which helps to calm stress. However, dried oilseed fruits contain many minerals in varying proportions: magnesium, iron, potassium but also calcium. For example, almonds, cashews and Brazil nuts are among the top 20 most magnesium-rich foods!

That said, dried fruits remain high in calories, and must therefore be consumed in moderation. Experts recommend a handful a day, such as for a snack or a break.

As for us, we recommend visiting us: we will offer you the coffee and almonds that go with it! ;)


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